Wondering who I am?

UX and UI Multimedia Designer, working with clients from Spain, France and the Emirates. Working as a freelance, I am currently collaborating with the boutique studio called Iktomi, with offices in Dubai, Barcelona and Ankara.

I have developed projects for clients such as UAE Ministry of Health, the Guggenheim Musem in Abu Dhabi, Save the Children, Tiching, among others, either working by myself or as part of a group of freelance Internet experts.

Being in-house, I have also worked for Flumotion Services, Lavinia Interactiva and PixelDreams, among others. In those companies I had the chance to develop projects for Cuatro, Antena3, Mozilla Foundation, Barcelona TV and EITB.

In case you'd like to see a more formal presentation, here's my CV. For a funkier version of my bio, please check out my personal timeline below.

My personal timeline

"A biography is a system in which the contradictions of a human life are unified."
Jose Ortega y Gasset

I couldn't agree more with the words of this Spanish philosopher. I'd even say these contrasts in my life are my greatest assets. I'm brazilian but I live in Spain. I'm a designer but I can do some programming too. I love Macs, but I tend to work with a PC. I was born before Internet was created and now my whole life is about digital. This is how it all started...

Hello, world!
Born with 3,8 kg.
Queen Elizabeth sends her first email.
Steve Jobs founds Apple Computer.
The word "Internet" is used for the first time.
I keep developing my drawing skills. My aunt is one of the victims.
Tim Berners-Lee develops a new technique for distributing information on the Internet. He calls it the World Wide Web.
First trip outside Brazil, no parents. A teenager's dream.
Mosaic, the first graphic browser for Windows is launched.
I begin two careers at a time. Graphic Design and Social Communication.
I start working as an English teacher for kids.
Get my first computer, a 386 Pentium.
A NASA broadcast on internet generates 46 million hits in one day.
Spend 6 months working for the YMCA in Dallas.
Google opens its first office in California.
Graduation in Social Communication.
10,000,000 domain names registered.
Design and code my first website.
Spam accounts for about half of all emails.
I arrive in Spain
to start the Master in Creation and Design for Interactive Systems.
Twitter is founded in San Francisco.
I start working at Barcelona TV.
Internet counts
over 1.4 billion web surfers worldwide.
My video skills get a
lot better as I start
working at Flumotion.
Facebook announces it has 400 million active members.
I become a freelance designer.
Wikipedia shuts down against internet piracy laws in USA.
Get married.
App Store marks historic 50 billionth download.
Together with Antenna Int
I design my
first app.
iWatch is launched.
Start an artistic project.
Face recognition technology spreads.
Design an AR artwork.
Google presents its quantum computing processor.
Back to freelancing.


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