Personal Projects

Developing projects that are not work related is not an easy task. Sometimes the daily routine only allows spending tiny bits of time on them every now and then. But it helps me pumping my brain with fresh ideas and new possibilities.

My newest interest is learning Arduino development. Luckily you will soon find here a project related to this.

Nits de co-inpiració

In 2011, together with Mònica Carbonell from Sodabites, I created "Nits de Co-Inspiració", a bi-monthly event to share inspiration and knowledge with other people. In each session, from 3 to 4 people had 14 minutes to talk about something they were really fond of or something that drove their passion.

We had the honour of hearing Alicia Rosselló from Duduá, Luciano Betoldi from the FabLab Spain and Zosen Bandido, a famous art street painter, among others. The project went on for 3 sessions and now it's on hold. We'll try to resume it soon.


Back in 2004, I finished a Master in "Design for Interactive Systems", promoted by ESDI. As a conclusion project, our group proposed to construct an interactive installation called "Contenedor".

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