Macedonia / Fruit Salad

Macedonia (Fruit Salad) tells the story of love between two people, independently if they are like apples, pears, bananas or olives. It's a personal video I made as a gift to my husband, as we recently got married.

Role Design and Motion graphics
Publish date September 2012
Current status Online
Personal project

Some unfortunate words

The concept of the video was based on a political quotation from some years ago. The wife of a former Spanish prime minister (more recently, she got elected as Mayor of Madrid) said then: "Homosexual marriage will never be equal to heterosexual marriage in the same way that two apples together produce another apple, but an apple and a pear will never produce another apple".

Back then Spain was on the verge of approving the law that granted the right of gays and lesbians to get married. These controversial words obviously showed that she was against this law and many years later she is still remembered for this occasion.

This personal video is a gift I made for my husband as we recently got married after more than 8 years of relationship. It is also my humble and brief response to this unfortunate opinion of hers. No one should have less rights because of his / her sexual preferences.

Role Design and Motion graphics
Publish date January 2013
Current status Offnline
Personal project

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