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I'm a Multimedia Designer and Multimedia Projects Manager, working with clients from Spain, United Kingdom and Brazil.

More than 15 years of experience have granted me a broad vision of the digital creation / publication process, which allows me to better understand and solve the clients' needs suggesting relevant solutions.

I design for web, apps and motion graphics. I can do some basic programing too, such as HTML5, CSS (Sass or Less included), basic PHP and Javascript customization.

Please have a look around this website and drop me a line. I'll be glad to know more about you and your project.
info ( at ) eaquino.net

Selected works I've been involved with

Seeing Throught Light exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Seeing Through Light

Antenna International was responsible for producing the multimedia guide for this amazing art exhibition at Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi.

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Himne de la Infància

Singing for the children

For the 25th Anniversary of the Children's Rights Declaration, Save the Children invited everyone to sing along with them.

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Tate Modern's Family Experience

Museums can be fun too!

This amazing Tate Modern's multimedia guide encourages kids to touch, feel, play and interact with the artworks in a fun and innovative way.

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Vídeo promocional de la campaña Me Gusta Leer en Verano

I like to read in summer

It's a relaxed day at the beach and a good time to read a book. So let's have a look at this summer reading list suggested by Random House.

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UX and UI at Tiching

Making education easier

Tiching is the biggest educational social network in Spain and they needed a hand with the UX and UI for some of their functionalities.

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Partners I've been working with

Antenna International
Antenna International
The Love Comes

My personal timeline

My short biography in a timeline

I'm brazilian but I live in Spain. I'm a designer but I can do some programming too. I love Macs, but I tend to work with a PC. I was born before Internet was created and now my whole life is about digital. This is how it all started.

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