Lead Designer at Flumotion

For almost 3 years I was the Lead UI Designer at Flumotion Services, a company specialized in providing streaming services and products to the media and entertainment industry. Working closely with the Marketing Dept, the Design Team was responsible for the conceptualization and production of communication pieces and products for the company; both printed and online material.

Role Lead Designer (managing 2 other people)
Project's dates Mar 2008 / Nov 2010
Current status the company has an updated version
Company Flumotion Services
Agency In-house development

Video and Audio Streaming

Flumotion won the 2010 European Choice Award

Flumotion provides streaming technology for live and on-demand audio and video. Among its clients there are major companies such as Nestlé, Danone, Diari Ara, and ESADE. Also broadcasters such as Radio Televisión Española, Cuatro, Barcelona Televisió and Flaix FM.

For almost 3 years I managed the Design Department, which was responsible for creating the company's products and promotional material (videos, websites, case studies, prototypes, etc). In some occasions, some clients wanted more than just the streaming service and asked for the complete solution development. For example, for Cuatro TV Flumotion developed one of the first webTVs in the Spanish market. The Design team was in charge of the visual concept and development.

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