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About me

I'm a visual artist based in Barcelona, exploring the aesthetics of nature and texture through a geometric perspective.

The inputs that fuel my work are taken from the fascinating microcosmos of the natural world. I'm interested in the intricate and detailed shapes that are generally only revealed by a close up photo. To the untrained eye, nature may seem chaotic in its exhuberance of forms and colors. But when zoomed in, textures and patterns begin to recur in different contexts.

As Tauhauz, I am inspired by a mathematical formula, the Golden Ratio, I do a collage of nature, re-constructing these textures and patterns and re-framing them into geometric forms.

Artworks / Prints

Every themed serie is conformed by three different artworks. These are printed with an HP Indigo 10000 Digital Offset process in 300g Keaykolour paper. There are 2 sizes available: 21 x 29,7 cm and 29 x 42 cm.


Collage digital Collage digital Collage digital

Hexagons are considered as sacred shapes in a lot of cultures since ancient times. They are supposed to represent the balance and harmony of opposing forces in the Universe.

The Ocean-X-Agon serie is based on de-constructed hexagonal shapes that combine textures of calmed waters and rough waves, aiming to reach aesthetic balance through contrast.

April 2016


Collage digital Collage digital Collage digital

The Mix-Tones serie is an abstract exercise of playing with three simple shapes (circles, squares and triangles) and three different stone textures: marble, sandstone and granite.

Inspired by Piet Mondrian or Gio Ponti's compositions, these artworks soften the strength of the stones based on a color palette.

May 2016


Collage digital Collage digital Collage digital

Synchrony and the idea of time generally evokes three dimensions: past, present and future. That's the starting point of the Viktree serie.

Multiples photos of a single tree were taken during different times of the day. Later on they were superposed one another to simulate the pace of time. At the same time, they become eternal.

February 2016

Print Sculptures

Collage digital Collage digital

The idea of exploring geometry in all its forms led me to surpass the flat dimension and create the "print sculptures". As the name suggests, these are artworks that are halfway between a print and a hanging sculpture.

It's impossible to fully conceive geometry without the third dimension of space. So adding volume to my collage artworks was a natural evolution. For these pieces I use laser-cut plywood pieces, painting and high-quality printed textures to create an aesthetic and modular composition.

Set of 4 square pieces, 20 x 20 x 5 cm each one. Produced on demand.