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If you stop to think about it, it's hard to believe that a world without internet existed once. And I have to confess something: I've lived in this world, I was there. As it started to grow, I got hooked. I learned to hand-code my first HTML in 1998. I saw the dot-com bubble deflation in 2001.

I've designed and programmed an entire website in Flash around 2004. And then I saw the first iPhone arriving to the market in 2007. Wether I was designing or developing the front-end or even supervising, I've had the chance to participate in many interesting web projects. Here are the latest works:

Selected works I've been involved with

A campaign from Save the Children Catalonia

Singing for the children

For the 25th Anniversary of the Children's Rights Declaration, Save the Children invited everyone to sing along with them.

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UX and UI at Tiching

Making education easier

Tiching is the biggest educational social network in Spain and they needed a hand with the UX and UI for some of their functionalities.

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The website of a Fantastik shop

A Fantastik shop

The challenge of creating a colorful yet easy-to-use e-commerce website selling unsual products from all over the world.

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Learning a new language with Talking Tool

Talking Tool

Talking Tool was a start-up born in 2011 that wanted to help everyone learn a new language through an easy and fun way.

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Virtual Tour through Cofidis' offices

A video tour through Cofidis

Go on a web video experience that takes you to a virtual inmersive tour through Cofidis' offices.

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A charity campaign from Cofidis and Aldeas Infantiles

Christmas e-Card

A charity campaign from Cofidis and Aldeas Infantiles in which you could decorate your own X-mas tree and send it your friends.

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Play Cuatro

The new TV through internet

Cuatro was one of the first broadcasters in Spain to offer a free on-demand and live video portal with an eye-cacthing design.

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Lead Design in Flumotion

Three years working as the Lead Designer, conceptualizing and creating imagery for a streaming technology company.

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Diari de Barcelona, el diari que es veu

The newspaper to be watched

Diari de Barcelona showed you all about the city, the latest news, some in-depth interactives, and much more in an innovative way.

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